Beta Mess!!!

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Will kabam ever roll out an update or beta or anything they have tested rigorously to stop things like this happening.

Rolling it out bit by bit, what a load of rubbish. When you roll out an update every player gets it at once so why would a beta going to only select players need to be rolled out in stages.

why make your lives harder for yourselves and suffer all the questions and abuse when everything you guys do fails and needs rectifying a dozen times before it works.

Here’s a tip, test it and make sure it works before you make announcements and end up looking stupid when it doesn’t work.

please point out where it says some will only get 6days beta testing due to your ‘intentional’ delay


  • Hi @Morgan210805 !

    Thank you for your feedback. However, we do have a thread open here for users to report any issues they may be experiencing with the Beta. I would suggest posting your error in this thread as this way we will gather as much information as possible and get this resolved as quickly as possible. Thanks!
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