What makes TeamTardis-5280 (9M Alliance) different? We care about you *and* the game.

9M Alliance seeking 3 active & mature players by the end of the month to replace 3 folks downshifting in the game. We are one step below a hard core alliance, and several steps above a casual alliance.

Looking for ~Level 58, ~200K players who play several times a day. We are active, but we have lives. Most of us are parents. ⅔ US, ⅓ non-US.

AQ - We bounce between Elite Tier (1 T4B cat) and Advanced Tier (25K T4B shards) every week. 5X4 (plus Map 2 or 3) in Advanced Tier. 2X5 the following week so we take a break while we're in the Elite Tier. (If you want 5X5 every single week, that's not us, but we do expect full participation in AQ.)
AW - Tier 6 to 7. We run 2 War Groups at a time, so the 3rd War Group gets a day off.
SA - 41%-70% every week.
Donations - Reasonable (Gold 60K, BCs 20K, Loyalty 3K beginning your 2nd week with us)

Want to see if you fit in with us? Hit me up on Line MPC1974 and we can chat about it.


  • MPC1974MPC1974 Posts: 89
    We are still chatting with potential candidates and have room for folks who are a good fit for our alliance.
  • All full?
  • i want to to join. i am not that good but i am very active and looking for a good alliance who will help me grow. i will participate in all events and do my best. my line ID is spiderman0413
  • MPC1974MPC1974 Posts: 89
    edited January 2018
    Boston13, what's your Line ID? I've still got room for folks who are a good fit.

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