Enjoy playing, but don't want it to feel like a job? Join the 501st Battlestar Serenity!

Come and join [1701E] 501st Battlestar Serenity, 9M Ally rating! 1300 War Rating. We are very organized and have great communication for AW and AQ.

We have no hardcore requirements, but need our members to be active and contribute to alliance events. The one thing we do need is participation in AQ. Again, no minimums for specific events, just be active and have fun! Small Donation requirements, numbers that anyone can easily achieve without stress. Again, the goal is to have fun as a group.

We run AQ maps 5/4/4/4/4. We consistently hit 21-70% rank in SA (every week, not holding).

We use the LINE app for communication and organizing AQ, LINE is required for acceptance into the Alliance. Asking 150k+ rating

Contact Schubydog or Darthsator in the LINE app, same name in game.


  • i want to to join. i am not that good but i am very active and looking for a good alliance who will help me grow. i will participate in all events and do my best. my line ID is spiderman0413
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