Who to rank 5 as 4* tech champ

ShamouShamou Posts: 54
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So I have 5 tech t4cc and now I'm just waiting on a few t4bc. I have all 3 champs at rank 4 duped. Doc Ock, Spider-Man Stark Enhanced, and Starlord. I've had Doctor Octopus for the longest and have gotten really good with him and I just got Spider-Man from arena earlier today. Who would you guys recommend to first bring up to rank 5.

Who to rank 5 as 4* tech champ 35 votes

Doctor Octopus
14% 5 votes
34% 12 votes
Spider-Man Stark Enhanced
51% 18 votes


  • CavalierCavalier Posts: 246
    What are your needs right now? AW defenders, going to try the Labyrinth?
  • TheDemonTheDemon Posts: 159
    If they are all duped then Stark Spider-man is your best option. Amazing attacker for war or questing and he would carry a higher prestige than SL. Since you are already at 5 tech t4cc I would say you are not far away from 5/50 another one soon anyways.
  • JmetroJmetro Posts: 12
    Doc oc. Igname Jmetropolis, check the stats.. SL and stark are fan favorites because that are easier to use , but oc by far has the most utility, his attack scales just as good as Sl over a bursty fight and is much more meaty and control a fight better then spark, who relies utility comes from opponents using specials .. Oc prevents them from using specials all together.
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