6400 prestige, looking for ally

Need a break from pushing while I finish lab. Grind some arena for awhile, save up some gold and bc. Looking for a map 3 ally that does events, plays well in war. Preferably one that isn’t filled with noobs.

Can’t do donations right now. Add me on line if you have or know of a spot.

Line: sob372
In game: Terrīble One


  • Sent in-game request. Couldn't find you on Line.
  • SunnyJim_123SunnyJim_123 Posts: 77
    Couldn’t find you, we are a map3 ally so no donations and im 6.2k prestige... we have other strong players here and you would fit in well

    Ig: sunny jim 124
    Line: sunnyjim123

    Couldn’t find you
  • Got a spot for now if it doesn’t work out I’ll hit you up sunny
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