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I heard you guys are thinking about extremely nerfing blade and se spidey. If you do this I won't be alone in asking for a refund. I spent good money to get these Champs duped and ranked up. If you want to improve champs that makes sense. But to make good champs worse is doing nothing but asking for trouble.


  • When a champ is ben op. He must be nerf for the Balance
  • New_Noob168New_Noob168 Posts: 1,567 ★★★★
    They aren't being looked at for nerfing "at this time".
  • so if blade is nerfed, do we get RDT?
  • LeNoirFaineantLeNoirFaineant Posts: 8,638 ★★★★★
    edited January 2018
    @Doublej1980 I can't imagine where you heard that given that Kabam has repeatedly stated that they have no plans to alter Blade or Stark Spidey. You have succeeded in starting another nerf post though. Congrats.
  • Nerfed2DefNerfed2Def Posts: 292 ★★
    Just stop. This has been addressed several times so we’ll be shutting down this thread forever.
  • Mwhitaker23Mwhitaker23 Posts: 332 ★★
    it dosent make sense to make a champ like blade then a month or so later make a champ like sentry, Blade is way to op I don't think he needs to be "nerfed" but he for sure needs to be scaled down with his danger senses
  • CassyCassy Posts: 1,071 ★★★
    they wont nerf anything
    a new aq season has to be filled with insane mini bosses (modok, void, blade,taskmaster,....
    it will happen if you keep doing thes crying threads
  • KobaltKobalt Posts: 29
    No champ is overpowered if you guys would just leave all the Champs alone then the Champs that were overpowered 6 months a year a year and a half ago will be just fine now and you won't have to keep nerfing Champs cuz they will all be on an equal playing field except for the early early champs you could have tweak them stop nerfing Champs leave them alone new champs come in everyone will fall in line
  • KnightarthusKnightarthus Posts: 419 ★★★
    They are not nerfing Blade. Instead, they are buffing the bad champions to balance the game, which is the right thing to do.
  • GreywardenGreywarden Posts: 843 ★★★★
    Can people stop crying about nerfing a champ they don't have and therefore don't understand.

    Yes, he's great against dimensional beings but that's his main role so he SHOULD be great at it.

    You still need a few things to make him top damage dealer

    spark synergy
    danger sense active
    being able to bleed the opponent

    If you can't get all of the above then his damage is brought down quite a bit.....
  • BapoiBapoi Posts: 995 ★★★
    Not very fun trying to build a streak just for milestones in featured arena and facing 14.7k blade over and over again.
    Honestly, I'm more annoyed with the Cable/GP/Medusa combo that now is prevalent ad nauseum.
  • Stark78AlfaStark78Alfa Posts: 502
    ... Not very fun trying to build a streak just for milestones in featured arena and facing 14.7k blade over and over again.

    Yes... I've been facing Blade around fights 13 to 16. Not fun.
  • bm3eppsbm3epps Posts: 1,147 ★★★
    Blade is easy to fight against though to me
  • Drewbe14Drewbe14 Posts: 122
    Now complaining fighting him? Hes a **** defender. Bait his sp1 and u win
  • Dr_BrownDr_Brown Posts: 225
    lol blade doesnt need a nerf other champions just need a buff and for there to be other champions who can clear content like he can
  • Mana_PotMana_Pot Posts: 235 ★★
    No plans right now. That'll come after Feb 22nd.
  • X_ScottX_Scott Posts: 732 ★★★
    edited January 2018
    They "adjusted" the hell out of Dr. Strange, SW and Thor!
  • Doomsfist79Doomsfist79 Posts: 922 ★★★
    Whatever you do.. just make sure it is before the 22nd of February.. if after that.. oh dear gawd...
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