Get a Free 3-6 Star Baron Zemo this Week!

Log in to the Summoner's Market at and claim the Baron Zemo Selector between 10am PT November 24 and 10am PT on December 1st.

Proven and Below: 3-Star
Conqueror/Uncollected: 4-Star
Cavalier/Thronebreaker: 5-Star
Paragon/Valiant: 6-Star

You can only claim this Baron Zemo one time. The Baron Zemo is delivered as a selector, claiming it will require you to choose your rarity immediately. If you plan to change your Progression level during the Cyber Week event, we suggest you wait until you have made that change before claiming this selector.
Due to issue with the "Not Another Anime Reference" Solo Event, we will be disabling the event for the time being. We will return the event at a future date when the issues have been resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience.
To fully participate in the upcoming Banquet's Alliance Event you will need to be in your alliance for 14 days prior to the event's start date on December 20th. That means, stay in your alliance from December 6th onwards to enjoy all there is to offer in the Banquet event.

First 4 star hero?

Who is your first 4 star hero. Mine was Doctor Voodoo.


  • NeowantsyouNeowantsyou Posts: 198 ★★
    woah, woah. 3 threads in a row. Calm down mate, you are on a roll.
  • MegaSkater67MegaSkater67 Posts: 1,376 ★★★★
    Rocket raccoon in a premium. Took me about 8 months to get him, was awesome when I finally pulled one, shards weren’t a thing at the time.
  • Isman1998Isman1998 Posts: 520 ★★★
    She Hulk from a premium. :^(
  • JeepettiJeepetti Posts: 79
    Old man logan in a premium crystal when I was fairly new. He got me through plenty of game content.
  • dkatryldkatryl Posts: 672 ★★★

    Single handedly let me start clearing stuff I was struggling against with mostly 2* and a few random 3*.
  • SvainSvain Posts: 453 ★★
    Spider-gwen, she actually got me through a lot of the earlier content. This was pre 12.0 so she was pretty garbage back then. But I didn't know any better.
  • Morning_GoryMorning_Gory Posts: 44
    Gambit. I though he was the **** back in the day
  • SnaggleSnaggle Posts: 226 ★★
  • HeroBoltsyHeroBoltsy Posts: 785 ★★★
    Thor. :(
  • Dmack976637Dmack976637 Posts: 70
    Ultron, and he got me through a lot of content.
  • Atomic_WolfAtomic_Wolf Posts: 59
    Crossbones from a premium hero crystal.
  • Captain_2goodCaptain_2good Posts: 145
    War Machine, followed by Kamala Khan. The amazing luck hasn’t changed much
  • WildpantsWildpants Posts: 148
    Hawkeye from PHC before he was buffed. Didn't really understand his use that well so kept using 3* ultron instead.
  • Hulk before he was buffed
  • KyleMKyleM Posts: 129
    I was unlucky enough to get a 4 star unstoppable colossus. I know he is rare but still not my preferred first one
  • CanarioCanario Posts: 166
    Iron fist if i remeber correctly
  • FR33_HUG5FR33_HUG5 Posts: 1,196 ★★★★
    Superior Ironman.
  • GrafikdevGrafikdev Posts: 35
    She hulk from PHC
  • SolswerdSolswerd Posts: 1,859 ★★★★
    Star Lord from a would be 2 years before I duped him
  • VulcanMVulcanM Posts: 664 ★★
    luke cage
  • RangaboopRangaboop Posts: 19
    Mine was Gambit from a 4* crystal. Didn't mind him because he can stun lock by chaining Sp1's and a pretty decent ability accuracy reduction on Sp2 which helped me through the campaign.
  • Pokemaster66Pokemaster66 Posts: 45
    I got Gamora
  • IbarraIbarra Posts: 2
    The original Ms. Marvel from an Alliance Crystal. Then right after I got Vision (Ultron) from a premium. I was ballin' as a newb back then hahaha
  • AhitlawAhitlaw Posts: 2,123 ★★★★
    Miles Morales
  • BahamutBahamut Posts: 2,307 ★★★★
    SW out of a Premium pre-12.0 *Runs*
  • ItempasItempas Posts: 57
    Punisher from an arena crystal. First one I opened too
  • DL864DL864 Posts: 1,089 ★★★
    Hulk long before the buff
  • DL864DL864 Posts: 1,089 ★★★
    Second was dpx-force I was so happy got him out of a phc
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