5.4 Legends Run

So I am prepping to make a legends run on 5.4 before the end of the month probably about a week from now. Been watching a bunch of the other legends run attempts on youtube but other then seatin's vid there aren't really any tips vids. Was looking for any tips from those that have attempted 5.4 so far anything you guys feel like sharing.

Also any guesses on how fast we need to be. I saw some vids that were 12 -14 hours, and then others like Lagacy that cleared it in under 8. let me know I love seeing all the estimates.


  • MhykkeMhykke Posts: 425 ★★★
    Have you done a legends run previously? If not, 5.4 might be a tough one to start with...
  • XFA_RebootedXFA_Rebooted Posts: 1,045 ★★★
    I recommend going to the Bathroom before you start.
  • King_L0kiB34rKing_L0kiB34r Posts: 202
    I have done one in the past, and I imagine it will be similar but longer and certainly harder. @Mhykke
  • GamerGamer Posts: 7,241 ★★★★★
    I have done one in the past, and I imagine it will be similar but longer and certainly harder. @Mhykke
    It harder. Alot. Time u have to spar in you days alest. Have 10h. But im pretty sure. It take 7h to cler it all im didt it not a legedens run But over all my time one the game was 7h.
  • King_L0kiB34rKing_L0kiB34r Posts: 202

    Yea I was thinking it would take me about 9 - 10 as long as I don't mess up any major fights.

    Well thanks everyone for your input I appreciate it.
  • BobomanBoboman Posts: 717 ★★
    1st what is your mastery setup you are going to use. 2nd who are you bringing. 3rd what is your inventory like. Last how good are you?
  • VavasourVavasour Posts: 258
    When will the Legends Title be awarded? I did it in 11:20, I seriously thought that would be top 5.

    Can’t believe people did it in 8 hours.
  • OmniOmni Posts: 574 ★★★
    Highly suggest going in order on paths for each map. I had a really difficult time remembering which ones I had taken and had to do a couple multiple times before realizing I had already done it.
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