Characters moving on their own

I had already reported this, but my character have been doing this for longer than a month now and it's getting frustrating. Basically when I hold to parry or block my character will move forward and do a medium attack. It's happened a lot in aq and I lost my characters due to this because they suicide. It's not fair because this means I have to buy pots for something I CANNOT control.


  • Midknight007Midknight007 Posts: 718 ★★★
    If in regular event, check to see if Auto Fight is not active... but seeing as this is also in AQ, I would look to scrubbing your phone's cache often and see if that fixes the issue.
  • Antony687Antony687 Posts: 60
    Yeah i hv also experienced in my android phn when i try to block sometimes champ dashes back or goes in 4 a suicide
  • NotYetShiningNotYetShining Posts: 9
    If in regular event, check to see if Auto Fight is not active... but seeing as this is also in AQ, I would look to scrubbing your phone's cache often and see if that fixes the issue.

    I'll try and see how it goes after I've cleared the app cache !
  • K1lltasticK1lltastic Posts: 671 ★★★
    This has happened to me with Ultron in AQ the past two days, and I've lost him due to it. Holding block, or triggering parry is causing him to medium attack for no reason. This is ridiculous. I just spent a month playing with Wolverine doing that constantly... Now it's happening with Ultron?

    What IS this?
  • jeyrey2000jeyrey2000 Posts: 89
    I just created a thread because my Captain was having the same issues in AQ. MODS we need some response.
  • Player1994Player1994 Posts: 793 ★★★
    yeah me tooo they need to fix this it's not playable like that all my champions are doing that more often they just go forward or backward in the midlle of a combo
  • Player1994Player1994 Posts: 793 ★★★
  • RobRob Posts: 7

    it's been happening for a while now to the majority of the community. It's really your taps aren't registering causing your champ to just walk forward into a 5 hit combo. Sometimes my taps won't register while I'm attacking mid-combo and my champ just stops to take a combo and die. Threads have been started many times but they usually are locked down quick before too many post saying they're having the same issue. This will probably be closed soon with the usual response of we are working on it and thanks for your patience. Don't worry, you're not the only one. Very frustrating when you have to pay to finish your AQ or AW when the game hasn't been working as intended for this long now. I'm sure it's not intentional and will be fixed soon?
  • The_Prankster16The_Prankster16 Posts: 84
    Maybe just wash the screen because it's sticking
  • JakobitzJakobitz Posts: 41
    I've had the same problem for a while now. I can deal with the occasional dropped 5th hit in a combo, but when I block or evade back and my champ lunges forward into an attack, that drives me crazy. I'm using an iPhone 6s
  • Tmasters1984Tmasters1984 Posts: 451
    I can confirm in having similar issues. Mostly notable with random dashes.
  • FreakydFreakyd Posts: 163
    Ye, me too. Same issue. Dashes forward in AQ mainly.
  • ChickenChicken Posts: 160
    I've reported this auto fight bug multiple times it happens mainly in aq and aw but it's happened in everything. I can't even beat one opponent in aw cause my guys auto fight.
  • ChickenChicken Posts: 160
    When I hold block a lot of times they will just randomly dash forward or backwards. I'm using an iPhone 6s.
  • NotYetShiningNotYetShining Posts: 9
    edited June 2017
    I hope we can get an answer from kabam soon. I had this happen again against dormammu 2 days ago ^^"
  • username92847username92847 Posts: 293
    How about reinstating LVL 2 SINGLE REVIVES, til u fix problem kabam??
  • OPIEOPIE Posts: 33
    Same. Nobody cares about fixing it or addressing it. Shame.
  • username92847username92847 Posts: 293
    Not just a shame.... its

    a low down dirty shame.
  • Monto_Carlos28Monto_Carlos28 Posts: 246
    I can't seem to be able to control my champs. Trying to block somehow gets me a beating from the opponent
  • Darkstar4387Darkstar4387 Posts: 2,145 ★★★
    It's been happening for quite awhile, and when coupled with all the other issues.

    Like them fighting by themselves, them just sitting there not moving no matter how much you swipe, firing off random specials, the ai blocking everything and being super agressive, specials and hits not doing any damage, block fails etc makes combat a frustrating mess that just cost us champs and resources.

    They know about all this but don't really seem to care enough to fix it,or acknowledge it rather they seem to close threads or not comment at all which sucks since it's effecting all the modes.

    I really wish they would fix it soon
  • ScorpionsKryptScorpionsKrypt Posts: 161
    We should boycott again
  • Monto_Carlos28Monto_Carlos28 Posts: 246
    It's really frustrating. There is another thread on this matter.something abt AI
  • username92847username92847 Posts: 293
    Maybe it"ll take a boycott again,
    To get kabam to listen again
  • I_am_GrootI_am_Groot Posts: 646 ★★
    Happening since v12.

    This auto dash forward happen when you try block, happily for me didn't happen a lot, but it's very wtf because when you try block is because you want avoid a sure attack so it's the worst moment to run toward the AI with no defense.

    I named it the Leeroy Jenkins bug.
  • LegendsForgedLegendsForged Posts: 364
    Anyone else sometimes has a problem activating the specials when you get one???
  • I_am_GrootI_am_Groot Posts: 646 ★★
    Anyone else sometimes has a problem activating the specials when you get one???
    Another bug post v12. Well, if it was here before I don't remember.

    This bug have happened to me a lot, many times the champ stay doing a weird animation like stuttering half blocking, but don't fire the special.
  • Doc_HollamonDoc_Hollamon Posts: 173
    I reported this a while back. They closed my thread and basically said, f you pay me. Because i haven't heard anything since. They won't even put it in the known issues even though they know about it.
  • Darkstar4387Darkstar4387 Posts: 2,145 ★★★
    Anyone else sometimes has a problem activating the specials when you get one???

    Yes, this has been a problem for a long time now though it's kinda rare for me anyway. It's just another thing that they don't really care about.
  • ChickenChicken Posts: 160
    Hey look lots of people have posted on this thread and it's close to the top of the list and kabam hasn't responded what a surprise.
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