Awakening gem help

I have just taken the 4 star awakening gem offer, but I’m not sure whether to use it yet or wait.
I’m not looking for a champion justs to use for alliance wars/quests because I still have quite a lot of content Ieft to complete (act 5 and Lol).

I have left some pics of my 4 star champs and any advice would be appreciated. gyvhtimum36g.png


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  • Jamie2289Jamie2289 Posts: 78
    Thanks. What level do you think I should take his ability up to? I have 27 mystic gems and 85 generic ones so I could take him up to 99 or I could save some if it’s not workth it.
  • Crimsontide1616Crimsontide1616 Posts: 303 ★★
    Either voodoo or dormammu.
  • When you awaken anyone you should do it with the knowledge that you will pump him to 99 as fast as you can. If you aren't ready to put every sig stone you get into a guy and take him to 99 there's no reason to awaken him in the first place.

    4*s will rapidly become pointless now. The only reason to awaken and level them is to get you to higher game content where you can get 5*s and then 6*s. To that end, the only 4* to rank are guys you like to play a lot, guys who rock, or guys who have super high prestige.

    Voodoo fits all those bills, so awaken him and take him to 99 as fast as you can. That said, I would personally take GP, because GP is hella strong as a fighter with bleed, stun, incinerate, etc.

  • BTW, your best guys are quake, voodoo, GP, nc, Dorm, and Stark Spidey, for all sorts of different reasons (attack teams, questing, war defense, etc.)
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    I generally use gp, Stark Spidey, voodoo, a 5 star hulk and a 5 star ultron for questing. I have just recently watched some videos on using quake but haven’t really had the chance to practice with her yet and I like nc but I when I play I generally parry then attack so when he uses evade i normally get hit because I’m expecting him to block not evade.

    I have the resources to take dorm or another 4 up to 4/40 but I have a tier 4 catalyst crystal I haven’t opened yet which will mean I can either take one on my 5 stars to 3/55 or a 4 star to 5/50 spending on which on I get. So I’m saving the resources for now
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    DV for sure
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