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10.8 Mill Semi-Serious Alliance in need of 3-5 everyday playas!

We have boss killas! We get great rewards! Our ally is pretty chill and the only reason we are looking is because we have a few guys who are wanting to step away from the AQ grind and concentrate on 100% Chapter 5...we communicate via Line and this is a must, if you don’t communicate, this is not the place for you. We do Map 5x5x5-Duels (650)-completion (17k)-taxes (100K Gold-25K BC-10K Loyalty) We are primarily North American Based but have guys around the globe. We are asking that your prestige be mid 4k’s so we can continue to hit over 100M in AQ. AW is usually played with 1 or 2 groups 2-3x a week based on interest and we play to win unless it’s just a money pit, then we will take the pass. We float between tier 2/3...the rest is on you...find me on line chat... AdvoMiggy


  • AdvoMiggyAdvoMiggy Posts: 72
    Still looking! Want to get this taken care of so we can go strong into next AQ...
  • I'm very intrested, InsaneSavage880 is my game name. I'm EXTREMELY ACTIVE. I can contribute a lot to AQ, but not so much in AW. I'm at 122I rating and like 10 God tier champs just need a strong ALLIANCE to get stronger. I can send like of my champs if you'd like.
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