new Champion ideas

Mandatory characters!
1) Doctor Doom bleed, stun, nuerotoxin
2)Mr Fantastic stun, concussion, flexiblity
3)Invisble woman Invisblity, mind slam, power drain
4)Human torch incinerate, bleed
5)The Thing Unstopable,power drain,
6) Silver Surfer Silver Slash, Cosmic Bleed


  • beyonder8421beyonder8421 Posts: 881 ★★★
    Nice try, but they do not seem to be able to use F4 yet. Now, my thoughts...

    Doctor Doom is at the same level as Thanos or Maestro, so bleed, stun and neurotoxin seem a bit small for him. He should be a big boss.

    Not sure why Thing would have power drain, but i think he could be bleed immune or bleed resistant. He could easily cause bleed with every punch like Deadpool XF or Ultron.

    Not sure why Human Torch would have bleed as he would cauterize wounds. Unless you meant bleed immune (debatable). Human Torch could be very similar to Iceman with a permanent incineration and also giving some damage back, like Electro.

    Silver Surfer is poison immune for sure.

    I think they could add crazy stuff to Mr. Fantastic, similar to Doc Ock.

    Invisible Woman is perhaps the most powerful of the F4, invisibility could be permanent, like astral evade or evades.

    I would add Franklin Richards to the list, as a mutant.
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