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Suggestion: Sentry Buff

Hi guys. As a lot of you have seen (and also based on the over 1000 replies to Sentry's spotlight), Sentry is not a good champion. After playing with him for a while, I discovered that I really like his animations, and the only thing holding him back is his damage output. Therefore, I have a buff suggestion that would make him much better, but I do believe he wouldn't be outright broken. Here's the suggestion, on the style of Kabam's Champion Spotlights (changes in italic and bold):

Base Abilities: Fury, Armor Break, Regeneration, Clear the Field

Passive: Reality Warp
At the start of a fight and after every 40 Hits in a Combo, Sentry gains a Reality Warp. Reality Warps stack up to 5 max. Each Reality Warp increase the chance of a State of Mind triggering by a flat 10%.

Passive: State of Mind
- Sentry starts the fight in Unyielding Fortitude and changes to the next State for every 10 Hits in a Combo. When Sentry loses his Combo, he reverts to Unyielding Fortitude.
- Unyielding Fortitude: 100% chance on entering this State, Sentry cannot lose his Combo. Remains until Sentry changes States.
- Overpowering Light: 50% chance on entering this State, Sentry's Special 1 Attack Damage is increased by 842.8 per Reality Warp and is Unblockable. Remains until Sentry changes States.
- Steadfast Approach: 50% chance on entering this State, Sentry's Heavy Attack Damage is increased by 842.8 per Reality Warp. In addition, he gains 100% chance to Perfect Block. Remains until Sentry changes States.
- Absolute Strength: 50% chance on entering this State, Sentry's Special 2 Attack Damage is increased by 842.8 per Reality Warp and is Unblockable. Remains until Sentry changes States.
- After Absolute Strength, Sentry restarts State of Mind, entering Unyielding Fortitude.

Passive: Clear the Field
-Whenever Sentry changes his State of Mind, he has a 40% chance to clear the field, removing all buffs from the opponent, all debuffs from Sentry, and all passives from both fighters. For each buff, debuff or passive removed this way, Sentry gains a permanent Combo Shield. Each Combo Shield lasts one hit struck on Sentry.

Special Attacks:
Special 1: Light Blast - Sentry punches his opponent before unleashing a Light-based Energy blast.
100% chance for Fury, increasing your Attack by 301 for 20 seconds. This Fury does not Stack.

Special 2: Soaring Strike - Sentry leads with an uppercut then loops around for a flying double punch.
100% chance to Armor Break, removing an enemy Armor Up and applying 666.67 Armor Rating reduction for 20 seconds.

Special 3: Channel the Void - Sentry transforms into the Void, creating a black hole that consumes the opponent.
100% to Clear the Field,removing all buffs from the opponent, all debuffs from Sentry, and all passives from both fighters. For each buff, debuff or passive removed this way, Sentry gains a permanent Combo Shield. Each Combo Shield lasts one hit struck on Sentry.

Signature Ability: Molecular Reformation - Sentry has control over every molecule in his body, allowing him to regenerate from injuries at an astounding rate, as well as allowing him to keep Reality Warps from fight to fight.

- Once per fight, if Sentry's health is below 50%, you can dash back and hold block for 1.2 seconds to trigger a Regeneration at the cost of one Reality Warp, healing for 25%(at signature level 1)-40%(at signature level 99) of his maximum health (doing this with percentages because it's easier, but it would be a flat value ingame), over 30 seconds. Regeneration doesn’t trigger if Sentry is afflicted with a Debuff, and it doesn't count as a buff or as a passive (for purpose of not triggering mystic dispersion, Dormammu's degeneration or nullifying it with his own ability).
- At the start of a fight, if Health is above 25%, Reality Warps persist with Sentry from the previous fight.

That is all! This Sentry buff would reward players for reaching 5 Reality Warps and keeping them, making his states trigger 100% of the time when at max, and would allow him to counter Magik and Dormammu, as Kabam advertised in Sentry's spotlight, by being able to nullify Magik's limbo and Dormammu's passive degeneration.
Let me know if there is anything you guys think is too buffed and should be toned down, or if it is the opposite (he is still not good enough). Cheers!


  • Stagedear85Stagedear85 Posts: 771 ★★★
    love it
  • ApacheApache Posts: 558 ★★
    thats the sad thing about sentry. his fighting is really smooth but damage output is non existent, its such an easy fix for them to make
  • Kiko265Kiko265 Posts: 3
    @Apache Thank you for your insight! I really think that Sentry was a badly designed champion. Realistically speaking, he should be on the same level as Scarlet Witch or Hyperion, and instead he is condemned to be one of the worst champs in the game.
  • BahamutBahamut Posts: 2,307 ★★★★
    Oi! @Kabam Miike! Check this out
  • GrinchhhGrinchhh Posts: 66
    Bahamut wrote: »
    Oi! @Kabam Miike! Check this out

    He already Closed Posts about Sentry's Buffs and said that they will not buff him in a near future. XD
  • Spart3nSpart3n Posts: 36
    TLDR, he sucks just like lots of science characters. Science is still dead, and looks like it will stay dead for a long time.
  • I want some of what @Kabam Miike is smoking if he thinks sentry is actually good for long fights as he stated in another post (lol).does he actually even play the game or does he spew random things to make it look good and make that $$$
  • Kiko265Kiko265 Posts: 3
    @Ace_03 I see what you are proposing, and it makes a lot of sense. But my thought process was: try to make Sentry better while retaining the core mechanic, which is the activation of the states of mind based on the combo meter.
    To all the other people who commented, thanks a lot for your input, but try to keep it civilized in here. This is just a suggestion that Kabam can look at it and like, but they don't need to look at it at all. I just posted here an idea that I had and thought it would be nice to know other opinions. Again, thank you very much for the feedback and I might do another thread like this for other underperforming (read: not that good) champions. Cheers!
  • LiquidButtLiquidButt Posts: 135
    Guys/Gals...Sentry did what he was intended to do. Made them money. He will get buffed when they announce 7s champs are coming.

    But insightful suggestion OP...too bad they will MAYBE only read the post. Surely wont address it
  • shtorkshtork Posts: 15
    edited January 2018
    I honestly got trapped into this Sentry trap with high PI and new champion nonsence. Awaikend a 4* brough him to 5/50 for war and so far 3-4 war and not a single kill. Very embarrasing in front of entire alliance. I do agree, he needs to be buffed up. Also, Seatin was right saying that Sentry is only decent when paired with Void. I think that also is a mistake, he should have that synnergy not only with Void but maybe another regular champ like BlackWiddow.
    Btw @Ace_03 20% regen is a brillian idea, mate! I like that. 20% or regen like Pheonix :)
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