Evolution of our game...

This, this is our game, that we, for the most part have played for a couple years or more Devs. This is the game that has brought us joy, and pain. Spinning, spending, and popping our way to sheer fits of rage, and nearly tears of joy. This game has come a long way, and could go a lot further than ever expected. But it must evolve, and in the correct way. This game I've noticed is built on tiers and with the way the 4 stars are progressing, 5 stars are blossoming, 6 stars looming, you must focus on how to accommodate these changes, and in all content. I have 2 accounts, and both are pretty great, but of course are always looking to improve. Alliance War/Quest rewards, Uncollected daily and 4 hour crystals, Character Beta and Re-evaluations(second account was asked to participate in LC/Red Hulk Beta and it was awesome lending support unbiasedly to the game), tier 1/2 alphas made more available to attain, and tier 4 basic/class catalysts along with tier 5 basics need a proper dispersal rating adjustment as well, and finally crystal shards needed for 5 stars and 6 stars adjusted to according to the tiers in which 3/4 star shards/champions will have dropped due to the arrival of 6 stars, will all have to be done, for this to happen. The game has indeed changed and for the better for the most part we all feel. But evolution....and the game's inner workings keeping up with what you give us....must happen as well. If it doesn't happen, then you will continue to lose players, and worst of all, we will lose a game that we absolutely love to play. What you're changing with the Featured Crystals, is expected to devastate our game, and you shall immediately see what an impact a, what you thought was minor change can bring about, but with a negative outcome. One last thing Kabam: All these items, these digital pleasures we seek, buy, and quest for need to be fixed no doubt and, in time, we're sure they will. But there is nothing more irritating for me in the game, than when I'm fighting a champion, and they're not working right, or my champion isn't responding correctly, or a champion, like recently gets to hold block and catch a parry, when I can't do that myself, and lo and behold I haven't a mastery for this ability either. That's the real 'inner workings' that I'd like to see you guys always be on top of. Blade will come, and I'll get my Archangel duped, etc., and all in time. But what good is getting Medusa, when her "living strands" can't stretch out the right way? I finally had something that I thought, was worth saying.


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