6* crystal missing? [Moved by Moderator; Under Investigation]

NeowantsyouNeowantsyou Posts: 198 ★★
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Is it just me, or has the option to buy a 6* crystal disappeared? Just updated, and I don't see it in the shards section.
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  • NastyEfnNateNastyEfnNate Posts: 551 ★★
    Chill dude. It doesn’t go live for another 40 minutes
  • VoluntarisVoluntaris Posts: 1,133 ★★★
    Chill dude. It doesn’t go live for another 40 minutes

    OP already upgraded the update, it's live on Android
  • NeowantsyouNeowantsyou Posts: 198 ★★
    I know, but before the update we could see the crystal. Why would it suddenly disappear?
  • BendyBendy Posts: 978 ★★★
    Yeah same 6 star crystal gone after update
  • DurzoBlint21DurzoBlint21 Posts: 11
    Updated and yes they are missing
  • OGHeRRoOGHeRRo Posts: 112
    Shards are also gone. It’s amazing how they literally cannot put out a single update sine 12.0 that doesn’t come riddled with issues smh. I’m sure they’ll eventually get around to fixing it.
  • If the guys that bought the illegal units and only got a 7 day ban lose their 70,000+ 6* shards then I’m ok with this Glitch. Yes you read that correctly. They have over 70k shards because of those units. Bye bye competitive balance...
  • kconrad37kconrad37 Posts: 112
    I am experiencing this too, all my 6* shards, as well as the display, are gone. I'm wondering if it's just being hidden until 1PM, though.
  • Yo @Kabam Miike ! Any word on the following? Was just getting ready to open a 6*!lzlcg5p44g8b.jpeg
  • GuddyjrGuddyjr Posts: 6
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    Same here,wheres my friggin crystal!!
  • 6* is missing after the update
  • Mine is gone as well
  • GuddyjrGuddyjr Posts: 6
    This is the **** that happens with every update....the more things change,the more they stay the same
  • Hey everyone, we're looking into this. We'll update everyone as soon as we have more info.
  • The_OneThe_One Posts: 2,936 ★★★★
    Wow, my comment was removed at the speed at light. Lol
  • BronxHugethBronxHugeth Posts: 36
    Why does this happen every time with a push. You would think that this would have been tested properly seeing how this is one of the biggest pieces of the update that everyone is going to do. Welcome to the #KabamNormal
  • My update has a release date of 12-6-17. I saw the date and decided to wait. If you updated, did you notice the date? It may be the issue.
  • New_Noob168New_Noob168 Posts: 1,314 ★★★
    Hmmm...what do you expect?
  • JT_Wrexz26JT_Wrexz26 Posts: 54

    Great... my 6* shards are gone... had over 4k shards... hope they fix this...
  • Mr_ChrisMr_Chris Posts: 109
    I used to get upset about these things. But they are so common now you just expect every update to be a failure.
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    Give your game a restart! They were set to appear at 10 am PT
  • NeowantsyouNeowantsyou Posts: 198 ★★
    The crystal has appeared, finally... lmao
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