We are currently experiencing an issue in Alliance Wars where the High Grounds Defense Tactic is incorrectly applying to all Defenders. While we work to fix this, we need to take quick action to maintain the fairest Alliance War season as possible. As a result, this war will not be counted towards your Alliance War season.

This will affect all Alliances, regardless of tier or War Map. War Season Rewards eligibility will be reduced to 4 Alliance Wars this season.

My daily reward was started over

I've been playing this game every day consistently for the past 3 weeks and it when I get to Blade character it started over at day 1 and I want my charachtft


  • SharkJawsSharkJaws Posts: 78
    u have missed a couple of days
  • No I signed in with my kabam account every day but maybe off of 2 different devices so the Google account is different but I've made a lot of progress in such a short time I was working toward that charachter
  • Me and my wife play everyday I'm in every faction quest I try to help my team as much as I can but besides that is there anything I can do to get the charachtrr
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