Hello kabam could you tell me why we have 70000 points missing from the s.a we just started, they have been put on the previous S.A even though nobody opened or ranked up till after the new one started?????? Could someone look into this please.


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    They know about it, numerous players and alliances have been submitting tickets for awhile, some have gotten a responses, some of us have actually gotten them to admit it was a problem including me not that they said anything about a possible fix and originally kept saying I had no idea what I was talking about and "clarifying" it for me when they're the ones wrong.

    Not that it was easy mind you since they didn't want to admit that there was an issue and even tried to go out of their way to ignore it.

    Basically telling me I am wrong despite the images being included with the time and showing the points going up over the course of 15 minutes.

    Then some said that they haven't heard about it before so I showed them my previous tickets, my comments here, my threads and other people's threads and my alliance and line chats.

    To be honest with you it it's actually been going on for awhile now, it's been first reported in November and numerous times since.



    It's just most that people don't notice unless they activley check it, if you're alliance openens right after the previous sa it will pour some points into the one that just expired for up to 15 -20 minutes.

    As per kabam support you will have to wait a bit before it ends or it will keep happening, it seems like they don't know how to fix it and telling alliances not to open right away. Can't post the conversation with them since it's apparently against their rules.

    You can contact them but expect a lot of nonsensical condesending responses and lies that say it hadn't been reported and you don't know what you're talking about, just keep trying, keep giving them screenshots until they formerly announce the issue.

    If you have screenshots or videos it will help and they will add those to your score eventually, so again until it's fixed as per kabam support don't open right away as they are aware of an issue involving points going into the sa that just exprired.
  • Cheers that's a big help Thank you
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