100k player looking for active map 3 - 4 alliance.

Hey all,

I am looking for an active alliance that runs map 3 - 4.
And that does alliance war.

In-game name: Goji88
LINE ID: danny8806

Best champs: Arch angel 4/40(duped lvl 70), Ice man 4/40, X-23 4/40, Hood 4/40, Night crawler 4/40.

I have some more 4/40 and some Demi gods almost at 4/40 I'm just short tier 4 basic catalysts. Quake, Elektra, Guillotine and YJ are all 3/30.

My total rating is: 100k

I am currently stuck like many other players. I need tier 4 basics and class catalysts and I know map 4 can help. I am currently too weak/not skilled enough to do map 5. I am very active and I expect the alliance I join to be active and get summoners advancement and other alliance events. I look forward to hearing back. Thank you!


  • JohnPaulBusuJohnPaulBusu Posts: 82
    edited February 2018
    [VaEx] Vamp1re Extreme is looking for one active member to join our alliance.

    We run map 4 all aq, do 3 wars per week, hit SA each week, and all we ask is that you be active and participate in all events, listen to what officers/leader have to say and above all else enjoy the game.

    We also use line but its optional if you have but we would greatly appreciate it if you use it as we can communicate better with it.

    Have already sent you a request and if you want any more info feel free to contact any one of us
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