Control over energy makes Bishop immune to power drain, steal, burn, leak etc.

Bishop gains upto 100% passive energy resistance based on stored power.
When the opponent has less power than Bishop: Basic attacks attacks deal 50% more damage.
When the opponent has more power than Bishop: Basic attacks generate 50% less power in the opponent
Special attacks are guaranteed to crit as long as Bishop has more power than his opponent, At the time of activation.
Special Attacks have a 0% to crit as long as he has less power than his opponent at the time of activation.

SP1: Places an Energy Over-charge on the opponent.
- Energy Over-charges last for 6 seconds
- increases the chance for the opponent to activate a special attack by 50%
- Prevents the opponent from activating their ability in their special attack ( like yondu )

SP2: Power Leaks the opponent, draining 51% of their max power over 5 seconds.

SP3:This attack places a permanent Power Leak on the opponent, draining 2% of a bar of power per second.
Stacks upto 5 times.
Places 3 Energy Overcharges on the opponent.

Signature Ability
Bishop passively absorbs ambient energy, allowing him to gain 33% of any power lost or consumed by the opponent.


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