13M Ally. 2-3 spots opening on Sunday. 5k+ Prestige players with North American Time Zones only.

The Allegiant
Tag: LYL30
13M Alliance
AQ map 5x5
New War tier 6 and climbing
Low Treasury Dues: 90k gold, 23k Battle Chips, 9k Loyalty
Minimal event requirements: No zeros, 9k completion. That's it.
Alliance made up of mostly long term members, and we like it that way. Looking for loyal long term members who want to grow together.

If you are a player with prestige over 5000, and have a north american friendly time zone

B) Contact me on LINE: ID is captainballs

I'm sorry but if you message me saying you are the best boss killer in the world and your prestige is 4k, you are wasting your time.


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