So I have a whole bunch of catalysts but I have Low gold to upgrade champspxyobv5etmo3.png
and they will soon be gone what Should I do


  • Pa_1Pa_1 Posts: 12
    Play lots of arena. Earn battle chips. Open arena crystal. Earn gold. Rank up. Claim catalysts.

    Or just sell them. I know it hurts but it's better than losing it for nothing.
  • Lunchbox45Lunchbox45 Posts: 250
    Crazy... i didnt get T2A until I 100% act 4... now with the calendars players with no need for them will watch them expire until they level up... ouch!
  • Strange_happensStrange_happens Posts: 70
    edited February 2018
    I know right I need the t2A actually but now I can’t use it and I have to watch it rot
  • Wow my luck on getting that T2A from that crystal has bitten me in back
  • Bmf420Bmf420 Posts: 161
    This isn't a bug. There's a reason for the categories on the forums. I've made this mistake myself a few times and I'm getting the hang of it. Just giving you a heads up.
  • I Dident mean for this to be a bug I k wow it’s not I must of pushed the wrong one I meant general discussion
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