Lost my account

Hey, just wondering how can I get my account back? I was using google play, then as soon as I had the new update, my wifi connection wouldn't connect to the game, so I wiped marvel off my phone to see if that's the problem, now I've lost account, although the team is still attached to the alliance and game, I'm at least 27 level names spida99 and my strongest character is archangel as you can see from this picture


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    You should contact support
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    you said you was using google play, so I would recommend try clearing data again and the use same google ID to login and you will see a pop out telling you if you want to continue your game or start over.
    if you did't get that message, the it is probably means that you had another account linked to that google ID, so your best bet is to contact support and tell them that the game didn't save up for you, among with your google ID+ your top 5 champ+when did you joined the contest(check google play game achievements for your first achievement for date)
    best of luck
    edit: to get to Kabam support, start a new account and as soon as you can click on the gear Icon in the home page, use it to reach support, and from there you will find an option for that!
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    Don't you have a Kabam account? Since you're able to use the forums. Try using your Kabam account first, then go to Kabam Support afterward.
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    If all that doesn't work it really wouldn't hurt to start over. 11k isn't that hard to get back.
  • Hi Spida99!

    If you haven't already, please reach out to support for assistance with your account. You can contact them using the form below.

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