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Looking for a new alliance

I'm in the game for 7 weeks and grinded hard during beginner and intermediate bracket. I have 13 4* champs, 7 duped and 9 are 30/30. Will get my first 5* and one more 4* duped this week. My level is 40, my masteries are OK and match to my level. Up to now I didn't spend any money. I'm looking for a new alliance to grow (T4B, T4C, Alphas). My current alliance is a beginners alliance with no real grinders and is not very relyable regarding AW. If timezone matters, I'm located in Europe. IGN: -F2P-, LINE-ID: -f2p-


  • Hey F2P! We are currently looking for active, competent, and mature players to join us. We’re currently doing AQ Map3x5 and AW daily (we focus on AW diversity so you still have champs to do Story/Event Quests.) We will be soon moving to AQ Map4x5.

    We do require donations, but only enough to cover the cost of the AQ. (Your contribution would be total cost divided by 30)

    I will reach out to you in-game, but you can contact me the follow way (ClanHQ/Line are easier during the day - US timezones):

    In-game: Lourido! Line: Lourido1 ClanHQ: Lourido#XabC
  • SwingtwistersSwingtwisters Posts: 176
    We are Worldwide (mainly U.K. and Europe tbh) 2.5mil.. add me if interested: swing Twisters (ingame)

    We love to chat and are weird lol :)
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