Summoners, the Necrosword Crystals (the crystals in the Knull Cavalier Preview Bundle) currently have a higher than intended drop rate of 6-Star Champions.

We will be leaving the crystals as is for the time being, but will be correcting the drop rates before Knull receives his official release on October 28th. To ensure that this does not affect anybody that purchased this preview bundle, we will be auto-opening these crystals before that date, but this means you will not see what you received. To avoid any confusion, please open your crystals yourself ASAP.

Act 4's energy per tile

TG576TG576 Posts: 8
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This may not seem as a big matter to most people in the game but why? Just why? Why does act 4 have 3 ENERGY PER TILE?!?! Are you having a bit of a giggle! I've been doing this for about 3 months and I'm only up to 4.2.5 and then there's also the monthly event quest, getting those catalysts etc. Could you PLEASE!! PLEASE!!! Think about making act 4 ONE ENERY PER TILE? It's soo massive too. When I say I got up to 4.2.5 I stopped for about a month and then came back to act 4 but saw there was just no point any more. It's just too long and time consuming.. even then the amount of units I've spent on it. Let's say more than 400 units.. so THANK YOU WHOEVER CAME UP WITH THE IDEA OF 3 ENERGY PER TILE😡😡😡


  • KestrelleKestrelle Posts: 441 ★★
    One? That's a little aggressive of a request.

    That said, energy reduction on a4 is something that's been asked before. Try to understand how unfair that would be to everyone who's already completed it. The countless energy refills that people have poured into a4, and how upset they'd be that newer people get it cheaper. Not to mention that it's a moneymaker for kabam, so changing it is going to hurt their bottom line. Sorry, but we all get to suffer equally on that energy behemoth
  • Dexman1349Dexman1349 Posts: 3,060 ★★★★★
    The length is what makes Act 4 hard. I know there are a couple lines in 4.4 that take 3 energy refills to complete.

    Basically, when I completed it (just a couple months ago), I spent several weeks arena grinding as many units as I could. Went for all milestones in 3* Featured and 4* basic and stockpiled ~1500 units and spent them all on energy refills in an afternoon finishing it.

    There was a short time a while back where the energy was reduced to 2 and that's when I made my first pass through Act 4. They may do it again sometime if/when they add another story quest into the mix (Act 6?), but I wouldn't count on it.
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