Who to use generic 4* gem on?

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So I bought the 4* awakening gem offer a little while back and was going to save the gem in case OG vision offers came up again, but I've pretty much given up on that now. I'm really debating between Doctor Voodoo, Wolverine, and Vision AOU. I could also put about 20 sig levels in. I'm willing to hold it for anyone better as well. I'd appreciate any advice from people who have all of them awakened.


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    Depends what you need, if you need a regen champ, go wolvie, if you need power control, go voodoo or you can save it.
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    Vision or wolvie
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    Voodoo and it's not even close to me... I use him everywhere (AW, AQ when AW isn't on, higher level quests). He dominates in most of the Trials of the King quests and was very useful in most of ACT V.

    Regen + power control + ability reduction + nullify/poison while the others only have one of those main abilities each. Higher prestige by a mile if that matters to your situation.
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    Tough one, but I’d say Voodoo needs it the most
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    Definitely not Vision AOU. He is a pretty common dupe I believe. Voodoo would give you more bang for your buck in my opinion.
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    Vision AOU will be the best option because he has Power Steal, Power Drain, Heal Block, Poison and Bleed Immunity!
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    Give yourself some time to dupe those champs first. If the need is pressing, then use the generic gem. And by pressing, means you need it for legends run or such. If not, then hold off until a god-tier one arrives
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    Voodoo. I just awakened mine and he is a whole new champ. He’s so good it’s crazy. Lucky me I got a mystic t4cc so I only need a few more shards then he’s r5

    I use Wolvie a lot and he’s great and very handy, but voodoo...he’s more worth it.
    Mate Either Go with Wolverine or Voodoo..
    Wolverine Got Huge Regeneration and Bleed
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