14 Mill Alliance Map 5x5 AW focused Alliance looking for some new guys

Hello All,

The Prime Council is looking for some good players to join us! We are committed to focusing on War and getting in the higher tiers, but have some guys holding us back that need replacing.

Alliance rating- 14 mil
War Rating- 2072, Tier 4, Gold 1, pushing for platinum
Map 5x5, map 6 every so often

Minimum Requirements-

5,800 prestige at the very least, have r4/55's and lots of r5 four stars. If you are close we will work with you.

We also prefer US time zones but will work with whatever, if you are far from these requirements don't even message me, at this level we require more out of players.

Weekly Donation requirements (Most of these donations come from AQ/AW rewards)
125k gold
25k bc
12.5k loyalty

Must also have Line App for communication, this is where we do all our communication at for chatting for war and quests.

Contact Info, Message any of the officers below in the Line app, don't message on this forum I won't respond as fast as I do on Line App. If you message me in game, I won't respond as fast as I do in line.

Line App- (Please only message one of us at a time)
(BG1 officer, BG1 officer, BG2 Officer, BG3 Officer)


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