9M+ International Alliance - 5x5 AQ + AW. Looking for 2 reliable members. [Hoag]

We're a good group of guys, most of whom have been playing together for quite awhile. We're looking for a couple of guys/gals that are active and will reliably clear AQ map 5. This is a great alliance to grow your roster and improve your skills. Lots of expert tips here and no drama. Just do your job and you'll be fine. See me on Line at adkoon33 (IGN the same). Alliance name: [Hoag] (brackets included).


  • Most players here are over 250K PI. We're looking for guys that at least have a good squad of AQ5-worthy champs (preferably 4* R5 champs or 5* R3+) but can also bring a good AW defense with a decent B-team for attack. Our main priority is AQ.
  • Spots still open.
  • Still have openings for players. Should have a good roster of 4* R5's or better. Must be able to reliably clear all 5 days of map 5 in expert tier. Should have a strong defense for AW or are at least close enough to ranking up some champs. We're a group of team players. Donations are mandatory and enforced. No freeloaders.
  • And you must use Line to communicate things like when you're out of energy, when nodes are clear for teammates, or when you're going offline.
  • 1 spot left
  • Sorry, meant to say 2 spots open.
  • One spot just opened. See me soon and you can get in before next AQ.
  • Now looking for 1.
  • One spot open.
  • Get in before next AQ
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