~6m alliance looking to quickly transition into 5x5 Expert AQ (LINE required)

Hi there folks,

BTW-FUHQ2 (-BTW) is looking to fill out its remaining spots to maximize its rewards!

Main details:
- 8800 minimum SA score requirement
- Donations of 135,000 gold / 30,000 battlechips / 12,500 loyalty required (the cost of doing business if wanting to move forward in AQ huh)
- 3 BG Tier 6 (Hard) AW
- Assigned BGs for AQ and AW
- Assigned paths for AW, AQ paths aren't assigned throughout all BGs yet but will likely be soon
- We ask for your timezone if you don't mind so we can coordinate BGs nicely
- AQ bounces between Advanced and Expert tier, running at least 3 BG 55544/55444 or higher (5x5 aim)
- >4000 prestige would be an asset, previous AQ round began at an alliance prestige of 3987
- No holding weeks in SA, consistently rank in 21-40% or 6-20% tiers
- Event participation (Duel skirmish, Item Use, Completion, etc) are not enforced with minimums but are encouraged (ranked rewards met for a number of them)
- Average member rating is ~215k
- Have a sense of humour :wink:

What a mouthful eh, if you're interested or have further questions contact me at shadtheman on LINE or the leader of the alliance herself at bosslady2.0 (also on LINE).



  • Bump, looking for a couple more!
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    noice, VERY noice, also what is the best way to get 4 star awkending gem i nee done for blade and scarlet withc please help me man tell me how bro please i have an allince too help man

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