In Modok Lab Thorns bug 50% damage!

Hey @Kabam Miike , I'm getting 50% damage back from thorns instead of 15%. It cost me 3 champs before I figured out why I kept getting ko'd.

I want my champs back! Please fix this bug!


  • Isn’t Thorns supposed to do 15% of the enemy champs attack? Like 15% of the enemy Ultrons attack every time you hit him?
  • I thought it was 15% of your own attack back. But if what you're saying is right then it makes sense. I'm getting about 620 damage each hit. So that adds up from the 4302 attack rating. Dang, that mistake is on me. Thx Etaki.
  • TonedefTonedef Posts: 137
    Modoks lab is so broken. These random buffs keep trolling me, 4 times now I’ve had lifesteal/degen paired with healblock.
  • Reread the description. It is 15% of the enemies base Attack. Electros shock deals back some of the damage you dealt. Some people confuse the two or think they’re the same
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