Hey guys I’ve accidentally sold a champion that I need how would I get that back? Who do I email or

Accidentally sold a champ I need how would I get it back???


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    You can't
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    You can't

    Only if you get them don a crystal is when you can get that character again
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    by don I mean from
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    Open a support ticket, explain your situation politely, see if they can help. If you do not get adequate support from the support system, PM a forum mod with your ticket information and ask if they can assist you with working with support. No guarantees, but that's the best way to get help.
  • So there’s no way that I could message kabam and get my 4* Magik back???
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    You could try
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    But most likely not
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    During the intro of 6 stars Kabam said 5 stars were being sold accidentally but Kabam never said anything about returning the 5 stars
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    @Zergfusion if you are persistent you might get her back but it will be unranked and unduped.
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    Honestly, you have to seem very genuine about your situation, even one slight wrong turn in your use of words, and bye bye forever Magik. If you actually sold it by accident, and really really want it back you should be fine
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    Lol one helpful hint if you need a champ so bad don't press the sell button. Oh and you have to press sell twice as it asks you if your sure you want to sell the champ come on man.
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    The uphill battle you're facing is the fact that Kabam has built in a fair number of "Are you sure?" checks along the way that "accidentally" selling one really should never happen.
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    I accidentally sold 3 t4cc skill cats onstead of 3 t3 skill and when I opened a ticket Kabam did indeed give them back within 24 hrs
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    Well you're going to have to take this one on the chin man....as contacting support for this game will just get you more aggravated all you will get is some generic pre-written answer that most likely wont even have to do with the problem you are asking about....so just suck it up and hope you pull that champ again really soon....Sorry for the bad news
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    Zergfusion wrote: »
    Accidentally sold a champ I need how would I get it back???


    Sorry to hear you accidentally sold a Champion. Please reach out to our support team so they can investigate the issue for you. You can reach them by going to the gear icon in game and clicking "Support" under the Account header.
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