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So yesterdat I was fighting in AW, AQ, and Event quests and there were times where my champion would just stop moving all of a sudden. He would be unresponsive and the a few seconds later, he would recover and be back to normal. My play style hasn't changed, so I'm assuming its this new update. Anyone else having these issues??


  • f9_absf9_abs Posts: 126
    I think I am having similar issues, characters stop blocking or dex evade even though AI has delay in finishing 5 hit combo and I should have successfully dashed back or blocked. Will try to make video of this as it seems intermittent. Also, I am not in any alliance currently so it cannot be one of those "alliance only" bugs.
  • Icecold2099Icecold2099 Posts: 577 ★★★
    This had been happening to me for a while now. Since the update before last.

    There's another thread on it somewhere where Kabaam Mike commented...

    They're looking into it allegedly...
  • BrnbbyBrnbby Posts: 50
    Same here what gives this is really killing me especially when you have the ai reaction times at breakneck speeds... Stalling when I try to throw a special.. And stalling in general.
  • Darkstar4387Darkstar4387 Posts: 2,145 ★★★
    Been having problems on and off for quite awhile now with little to no sign of improvement even though they've been looking into it for quite awhile now.

    It's really irritating and frustrating especially when the ai goes into hyper agressive spider sense good mode, and they just start whipped you because nothing is working properly and you can't land a hit because.

    A. They evade it at the last minute or block it when they have no business blocking it.

    B. They parry everything, they parry from ridiculous positions like with their arms at their sides or when the special contacts them which sucks.

    C. They recover at ungodly rate and react much faster than us, I had juggernaut get up from a power hit rush across hit me with his heavy then imeditenly hit me with his special.

    D. They seem to be able to do things that we can't do and apparently they admitted so in a thread.

    E. Can interrupt us when they aren't supposed to or in a middle or an action.

    It makes me wonder sometimes, especially when we start to have issues before the ai goes nuts stuff like this starts to happen.

    1. Missing hits
    2. Being unable to move after blocking a special
    3. Being unable to move after firing off a special
    4. Specials fail
    5. Being unable to use a special, no matter how many times you tap it
    6. Won't block, blocks drop, blocks fail
    7. Champions rush forward for no reason
    8. Champions attack for no reason
    9. Champions do a heavy attack for no reason
    10. Short dash back
    11. No dash back
    12. Evade fails and getting hit during it
    13. Occasional lag
    14. Champion abilities fail
    15. Mastery fail

    I'd like to see them actually address this and alleviate our concerns and give us a time table when these things will be fixed.

    Mainly because it kinda sucks the fun out of the game when everything goes wrong and you can't do anything to stop it and it's turns into a frustrating mess instead of a fun adicting game

  • spaceoakspaceoak Posts: 53
    I have seen dropped inputs every day since downloading the new version. Swipe back or forward and the champ just stands their. swipe again and nothing. Then finally a few seconds later they start moving. Seams same as OP

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