Killmonger vs Hulk Ragnarok

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Who is better in general?

Killmonger vs Hulk Ragnarok 18 votes

RyandoomBitterSteelgohard123Maandy123FadedhunterWabobaChincheya 7 votes
Hulk Ragnarok
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    Hulk Ragnarok
    That shouldn’t be a question.
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    Depends on what you are doing. Both are really good. Killmonger won't destroy certain mystics like hulk but he's great in a lot of situations. Wouldn't want to take Gulk against immunity Spider-Man but Killmonger is a great option. If I got to pick one as a 5* it would probably be Killmonger but that's because of my roster. He would fill a niche more so than Gulk but Gulk is awesome.
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