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As the thread suggests... Quake is InHuman and NuHuman not human. Her blood is Kree-Human DNA. She should be Cosmic as her mutation was triggered by Terrigenisis (as this Quake is MCU) and thus should not be Science.

Also, Quake should have a new synergy.
As Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D season 4 sets the Ghost Rider as her ally, Quake should have a Teammate Synergy bonus for Ghost Rider.

A new buff should also be given.
Repulsion; if Quake blocks an attack at the right time, 15-25% of the damage she would have recieved gets reflected back on the attacker.


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    I don't think class really matters in this game.

    Especially since everything is mystic biased. It's nice having a decent science character to counter them. And quake is s good one to do so.

    I think she's science due to her gauntlets that help harness her power...

    One thing I don't understand is why she's not poison immune like all the other inhumans

    I do agree about the ghost rider synergy though
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    She is quite good at tearing up Dr. Strange or Scarlet Witch but my only point was from the fanboy point.

    If it was her gauntlets it should be tech lol..
    She could pass for many.
    I think shes science coz the comicbook version, her father fused his InHuman DNA in a science experiment and she was born with the extra power.
    But my point is... this is MCU Quake... not comic Quake.

    Just my fanboy going at it there...

    She bleeds and can be poisoned coz unlike the InHuman royal family, her DNA is Human then InHuman not Kree then Human.
  • I also think she's fine as a Science type. Technically yes shes more of either a mutant or cosmic if you think about it but her powers are only one part of who she is. She's a hacker, should agent and happens to have some powers. Most cosmic aren't even from earth if you think about it.

    And imo she's needed much more in the science area. Too many mystics as is. And she's one of the only ones that still always kicks my face in.
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    That is true, i think the idea of cosmic should purely be for those not of earth but there are a few that slip past that.

    I use my 3* Quake to knock down some 5* mystics... with GREAT difficulty... but she does it best.
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    Quake is fine being science, I wouldn't mind that although I've been confused about her class
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    Think about Agent Venom who should be cosmic, Falcon who should be tech, Yellowjacket who should be tech. Not just Quake. But the changes only make the game more complicated
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    Yellowjacket is only science for the same reason that ant-man is.
    Its not the suit that gives the power, its the serum. Created by science.
    Agent Venom is only skill because Flash Thompson is a generally skilled person in combat, both hand-to-hand and in firearms. Although i do think any symbiote affliction should be cosmic.
    Falcon... he should be tech.dont even know what Kabam thought with that.

    The Winter Soldier, should be Science or Tech.
    Deadpool should be science not mutant as he is a mutate not an mutant. (Same as wolverine but he has always been a mutant)

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    Yellowjacket should be both, both Pym Particles and his armored stinger suit
    Winter Soldier has nothing to do with Science or Tech, he's just skilled and he was actually frozen in the ice, his metal arm doesn't make him a tech
    Deadpool's healing factor is created using Wolverine's DNA so technically, he has mutant DNA but I agree with you about him being science
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    There are a few.
    This actually has given me a new discussion to bring up.
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    To be fair if Hulk punched half the characters in this game in the face they would probably die on the spot. Or the fact that BB can crack a planet in half with a sneeze but get his butt kicked by spider gwen. There has to be a line somewhere.

    What I have seen is that kabam take notice when champs start being sold off. During my time I have sold WS, Magik, IP and BB - all have since been improved.

    Wouldn't advise a mass selling of quake just to get these changes tho because I think she's pretty badass as she is. Also with all the bugs that keep finding their way in lately probably not the best idea to start changing things that aren't considered detrimental to game play.
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    Quake can also kill Black Bolt, Hulk and even Thanos.
    Never been done in the comics but she can burst peoples hearts... Wolverine only came back because he still had his brain intact for the regen process.
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    Quake controls vibration in the comics, she can do many things not just only create earthquakes
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    Yeah, everyone think she just makes earthquakes. So overlooked.
    She is possibly the strongest person in marvel. She could kill nearly anyone instantly.
    Unfortunately she could also be killed quick herself.
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    I'm pretty sure many cosmic entities, gods, aliens are stronger than her, but she's a really powerful Inhuman though
  • Eos_Nano_XEos_Nano_X Posts: 304
    The fact she can kill just by bursting opponents hearts makes her O.P.
    So there are a few that would kill her before that could happen but shes great.
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