Rank down tickets

When can we get more rank down tickets?? Got a few champs which I don’t use so would rather have the t4 basic used else where to strengthen my team.


  • Brew_SwayneBrew_Swayne Posts: 496 ★★
    Seriously. Buy them with Glory, do EQ, grind DPG, do the weekly arena. There's practically no shortage of ways to get T4B in this gsme.
  • RDT's were not designed for that. You'll get them when major changes or nerfs happen
  • HalleyHalley Posts: 254
    edited March 2018
    yeah, I agree. I would like to buy Rank down items too, by units or real money. We all had mistakes in upgrading champions and it's best to have chance to change it.
    Maybe some players don't need it, but some busy players would. Anyway, Rank down items can be sold for those who need, and I'm sure many will buy it.
  • The_GrandmasterThe_Grandmaster Posts: 205
    Yeah gots me a 4-star R5 Blade, Thor Rag, Mephisto, and Gwenpool that I have all gotten as 5-stars now, so can we get some rank down tickets so I can easily get all these champs up to 4/55 and not have to work for it.
    PS. make sure you include all the ISO for each champ like the 1st RDT had. Those last ones didn't give me my iso back and i don't be liking that,
  • Rogue42Rogue42 Posts: 1,006 ★★★
    You can’t. Just stop already.
  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 13,941 ★★★★★
    Hopefully they never, ever return.
  • UC439UC439 Posts: 261
    edited March 2018
    I would like to see RDTs back. But at the same time I agree with all the arguments against it. Hard grinders should have an advantage over casual players. RDTs (without any nerfs or changes to the meta of the game) just allows casual players to swap champions whenever they get a better one. Thereby reducing the need to grind or buy resources to upgrade.
    Those who grind for everything & upgrade everything might feel their efforts are not being appreciated if kabam continues to provide easy solutions to casual players, & that'll create an imbalance.
    So without a general cause, RDTs shouldn't be there .
  • Shaunomay86Shaunomay86 Posts: 6

    We all have our own opinion if you don’t like mine then. Shut up!!
  • Renegade_DoggyRenegade_Doggy Posts: 358 ★★
    I'd like to see rank down tickets back as well.
  • geoff78geoff78 Posts: 188
    I would love to see RDTs come back. I took a couple of 5*s to r4 only because they were my best options at the time and i had t2alphas in overflow expiring. If t2a's were more common, it wouldn't have been an issue, but.....
  • NastyEfnNateNastyEfnNate Posts: 551 ★★
    Yes put them in the store for 25k units that way they are available for the whiners but make it hurt to buy them so they learn their lesson
  • CapWW2CapWW2 Posts: 2,901 ★★★★
    edited March 2018
    4 star rank down tickets should be a part on this game. Now that 4 stars became the new 3 star rank down tickets should be added to the loyalty store, the alliance war crystal and the special crystal
  • ChadhoganChadhogan Posts: 436 ★★
    Can you guys shut up about rank down tickets?? everyday there is always a thread for this stupid request. IT WAS A ONE TIME THING, ITS NOT COMING BACK. stop making more threads about it! can we stop now???


    It wasn't a one time thing rank down tickets have been available twice dude
  • MattScottMattScott Posts: 587 ★★
    Yes put them in the store for 25k units that way they are available for the whiners but make it hurt to buy them so they learn their lesson

    That would just be a hide advantage to the whales, and not help the common folk.

    But really, you think they should cost $800+!?!?
  • HalleyHalley Posts: 254
    RDT is not free so you can't rank down as many champs you like, understand? I mean here is that kabam sell it at a PRICE! and ofcourse only ONE 4* or 5* can be down! kabam should give people a chance to correct a mistake. Don't say that you never have mistake, do you? RDT is just a positive option beside grinding for other T4B or something in arena.
  • bedellionbedellion Posts: 12
    I like them and don't like them, i know makes know sense, lol..

    If they ever bring them back, i hope its like the second set they released, no gold or iso returned, just t3/t4/alphas whatever was used..

    I know i have made a few mistakes but i can deal with them..
  • HalleyHalley Posts: 254
    ...just another choice though. not a big deal. whatever. Just a suggestion that kabam can earn some money. for sure. for someone who need.
  • Mr_WiffMr_Wiff Posts: 244
    Would be used to exploit level up event. As a thing for major reworks it makes sense and it was nice to get 1 of each class for Christmas so maybe they'd go down that route but other than this once a year they shouldn't give them out all the time.
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