Whom shall I rank up

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Which of this should be rank up

Whom shall I rank up 21 votes

3* doc oc (dupe)
WrongVladislas22UC439Foxhero007TrojanX05Scopeotoe987 6 votes
3* archangel (unduped)
1786akberbuffajrGAM3RGUYSnaggleMohit_7Thecrusher_9756StrBahamutTheHoodedDormammuXFA_RebootedVaultWabobakobby200Weav425losiak21 15 votes


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    3* archangel (unduped)
    Doc oc is good for infinite power lock and heal block but both take a while to get on. His damage is alright.

    Aa has crazy damage (probably highest damage per second in the game) if target has no immunities
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