Fix Ghost Rider's fate seal

Ghost Rider's fate seal doesn't work half of the time on existing active buffs. A huge example is angela's healing which is active buff and is not removed by fate seal. Also today i was fighting hyperion, he had a power gain on but it was not removed when ghost rider applied fate seal with his special 1.


  • DTMelodicMetalDTMelodicMetal Posts: 2,785 ★★★★★

    His sp1 has a 70% chance to fate seal
  • KaanG95KaanG95 Posts: 74
    Did you see the fate seal applied to the enemy?
  • J33PTHINGJ33PTHING Posts: 27
    They already fixed it. It's called the Blade synergy.
    All joking aside. By himself, GR has a 70% chance to place fate seal with his SP1. If you add blade to the equation, GR gets a +50% synergy to place a judgement.
  • meoreanmeorean Posts: 38
    @demed fate seal does not always stop Angela's healing due to her ability to resist nullify effects. Not sure about the Hype one though
  • demeddemed Posts: 81
    Nullify is a completelly different ability in itself and even if that was the case it is strange how it always gets to remove armour or fury but never healing. Also, as I mentioned special 1 did apply fate seal against hyperion, but it didn't remove the existing power gain.
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