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Whom would you like to see as a champion for infinty war update(if so)??

Cyttorattkiller007Cyttorattkiller007 Posts: 72
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Well since we know that proxima midnight and corvus grave are on their way to Marvel Contest Of Champions other than these two whom would you like to see in the game!??

Whom would you like to see as a champion for infinty war update(if so)?? 62 votes

Captain America (Nomad)
CableDHCVoLtDarkestDestroyerheruheru511adqqedfyvrHeroBoltsyHazerfaceNOOOOOOOOPEEEEEKenshioBaseballguy711Hammerbro_64Av3to_XFA_RebootedljainD5Bruinsfan8510TinoMiaBatpotter1 17 votes
Hulkbuster 2.0
RedBaron99OutsiderguaRavenrob_33Foxhero007imnooneAjjohnsbb8taojay1ElitehunterFfnmvigyivygyvk_1jshanso2Colonaut123Cats73 12 votes
Iron Spider
DL864Jets44Vision_41ArmandStarLt_Magnum_1Danny_MutantWharf8BourneNationTheHoodedDormammuwvonkLaVarBBBshadow_lurker22_Mac_203Blue_Panther 14 votes
Iron Man(Bleeding Edge)
DrOctavius2_2NinjAlancUbA_LiBrEAxeCopFireDanicb94AlCapone2727KarinshiB4nanaJobuttersSpiritOfVengeanceSpiderCoolsBatman_26_2019HzoriThecrusher_9756DONZALOOG1234TrojanX05Drpancakessaiteja1107PacificWarrior 19 votes


    Captain America (Nomad)
    BEARD CAP FOR THE WIN. also I really don't want Iron Spider, we already got one amazing Spider-Man we really don't need another.
  • DTMelodicMetalDTMelodicMetal Posts: 2,785 ★★★★★
    Adam Warlock
  • Savio444Savio444 Posts: 1,781 ★★★★
    Doctors strange MCU version
  • Iron Man(Bleeding Edge)
    Why should spidey get more god tier suits made by iron man, iron man should be improving his own trash suits first.

    i agree. he's dumb that way; the current iron man is the avengers Mk 7 iteration. then add a GOD TIER iron man. @Kabam Zibiit please tel devs about this. look at the previous player-viewed god tiers and draw inspiration from those. if this happens, it's much appreicated!
  • Batpotter1Batpotter1 Posts: 348
    Captain America (Nomad)
    I just want Infinity War Thanos
  • Danicb94Danicb94 Posts: 97
    Iron Man(Bleeding Edge)
    We already have an incredible Spider Man, i would love to see iron spider too but we really need a good Iron Man first, Bleeding Edge IM is just incredible at comics, hope we can see him here :D
  • LordBaldyBaldLordBaldyBald Posts: 265
    Squirrel Girl.
  • KamGeeKamGee Posts: 47
    Tony Stark’s Thanos-Buster suit.. I’m hoping that’s it in the trailer instead of the Hulk-Buster suit
  • Ajjohnsbb8Ajjohnsbb8 Posts: 191
    Hulkbuster 2.0
    Iron spider and a new Thanos are almost confirmed
  • CodornasCodornas Posts: 542 ★★
    How about neither? Enough of the same champions, bring in something new, like the whole Black order, Jessica Jones, Wasp or Red Skull
  • KobaltKobalt Posts: 29
    How about Black Panthers General since their is only 1 black female hero in storm. If not her misty from Luke cage with her bionic arm
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