Need t4cc alliance ~3900 PI


I've been in an alliance since past 2 years and still are doing map 3, I seriously need to move on! Looking for an alliance who mainly focus on t4cc. I have three r5 4* and another one will be added in a weeks time.

Normally play around pacific time (although, I'm from India). My line and in-game I'd:


Looking forward to any questions anyone might have.



  • Yeah, no alliance that can guarantee a t4cc will take 3900 prestige. Your best bet is to find any alliance doing map 5 everyday that can stay in expert tier every week. You'll start getting t4cc eventually.
  • Alrighty, thank you folks.
  • DrenlinDrenlin Posts: 715 ★★★
    I'm part of a 5 mil alliance that may suit you do you have line? Contact me in game or line app ID Drenlin
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