7.6mil//Gold 3//LF replacements after War season

We're a relatively new alliance that has quickly grown into a decently effective alliance (so they tell me). After almost three months, we've outgrown a few of our members skill and looking to replace 2-5.

What We Do
Events - no mandatory minimums. SA weekly (21-40%), rank in Item Use and Completion - participation required.
Alliance Quest - been doing 35353 (or so), scores us between 40-50mil (bi-weekly Expert tier). Looking for guys who can run some map 5 during War to stay in Expert.
Alliance Wars - 3x weekly. Currently Gold 3 on tier 11. Main focus due to Season rewards.

I'm not expecting anyone to leave their current alliance this close to the end of season, but anyone interested in being a part of a growing alliance, feel free to make contact and we can discuss future possibilities. I'm a patient man.

Line required. Hit me up there or in-game jf you want to talk (or just to harass me and call me filth - your choice).. ButOfCorpse



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