New Quest - Infinity: Chaos 3/28 or 4/4?

battleonebattleone Posts: 209 ★★
I have seen some posts relating to this quest and a general statement like "it won't be early" made by Miike, but it won't be early coulvde been construed as today by MIike, but not early has been assumed to be 4/4 by the players. Can we get the date this is being released for clarity or if Kabam has posted a specific date a link would be great.


  • Swe_wolfisSwe_wolfis Posts: 382 ★★
    They said several times(well 2?) that it will start on the regular date.

    And Miike just posted

    "Event Quest (that starts next week)"
  • Apocalypse189Apocalypse189 Posts: 750 ★★
    Confusion surrounds the Infinity Event
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