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Game is not connecting in UAE and Kabam is not doing anything about it! New Update 17.2.0

hello guys

I need the community support to address this problem.
we are a small group of people living in the UAE and facing difficulties with logging into the game.
we reached out to kabam to help us with this problem, and we asked for their help politely but they didn't do anything all they did was "we are looking into it" and they sent us weird links to our inbox to check the connection and it turned back "okay " and thats it .. they decided that its not their problem but its the ISP (internet service provider) fault. myself and few other players went to our ISP and asked them if the game was banned it UAE they told us that its not and they have no reason to ban it.
we then tried to fix it by using a VPN which is something we never use here in UAE but we tried and the internet connection through a VPN was extremely slow and the game would lag and disconnect.

we tried many fixes including turning off Game Center and deleting the app and reinstall it again but nothing worked out for us.

I know we are a small group of people affected by this but I need the community support to stand by our side and force kabam to fix it. I don't want to fight and use bad language or anything I need everyone of you to call out a kabam member and ask them to fix it.

I missed out on 1 month and a half of arena and ask every member in my alliance about how active in arena I am and how I always hunt for basic champs.
I start losing wars because once I hit "fight" the game kicks me out and I lose half of my health.
I used up all my units to heal up but when I had no more units and glory I start dying and I usually don't die in war in our tier.

this problem is also related to the T-mobile problem that happened in February, the problem was solved but it came back to us few days after and kabam is not believing its related.

all I ask is the community support to make kabam investigate and look into this connection problem.

thank you guys for your support ... kabam let me down and I hope you won't let me down !




  • Mks1982Mks1982 Posts: 1
    Yes its really frustrating to see people stuggling and its long pending issue.. Need immediate attention.. Kabam help...
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