Got parried mid combo

Mr_OtterMr_Otter Posts: 1,614 ★★★
We’ve known the AI have insane reaction times but Stark Spider just dropped his shield while I pinched it twice and I’m the 3rd hit NO EVADE I’m parried in war and down goes my hulk

Can anyone else confirm?


  • I can certainly confirm that the AI does whatever funky stuff it’s programmed to do to ensure the sales of pots. When in doubt, look for the monetary gain. It’s ALWAYS there and nvm customer support. They’re laughing at ya
  • mydnightmydnight Posts: 457 ★★
    I just got parried by a blocking mordo. The split second timing of that....
  • NEONEO Posts: 347
    It’s pretty much normal for our combos to be interrupted... working as intended
  • Darkstar4387Darkstar4387 Posts: 2,145 ★★★
    Yea it's been pretty normal for the ai to be able to parry us mid combo for awhile now, and they can do all kinds of stuff that we can't.

    Which just makes fighting a frustrating mess sometimes and their lack of communication and fixes kinda makes me want to stop playing sometimes aswell due to everything
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