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Voodoo L2 Getting Blocked

Has anyone else had an issue lately with Voodoo's L2 being blocked after a MLLLM combo? I have been able to do this with no issues before but lately he will get blocked (especially against aggressive opponents like Venom and Sabertooth) no matter how fast I trigger the special. I don't have this issue with any other champ except Ms. Marvel, which has been that way for a long while.

Is this something that is being fixed. Voodoo is one of my main champs I use for just about everything and it would really suck if he's not reliable in a fight anymore.

Please advise.

Thank you everyone.


  • PureRage13PureRage13 Posts: 164
    Note: It doesn't happen all the time, sometimes I can complete the combo and special. But it happens enough that it's becoming a problem, especially in harder content.
  • Ragnarok_8855Ragnarok_8855 Posts: 11
    Agreed, hitting that SP2 is becoming harder and harder, I've been throwing it in the middle of combos lately because of this and the animation gets buggy and doesn't deliver. Usually happens when my opponent is on the verge of getting their SP3. Then I get wrecked.
  • TheManFromMarzTheManFromMarz Posts: 29
    Like Ms. Marvel & Capt. Marvel throw Voodoo's SP2 in the middle of the combo. Don't try and do it at the end.
  • Drewbe14Drewbe14 Posts: 122
    Yea this is getting annoying. I main voodoo myself and he’s a great champ but if i fire my sp2 at the end of a MLLLM combo its like 30-40% chance it gets blocked even though it is perfectly timed. I try to use it now after like a MLLL but sometimes forget my combo an take that extra M to get the desired combo and then risk getting blocked. Can we @Kabam Miike just do something small like speed up that animation start a little to fix that?
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