New update is not working

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Once again, another month in which after updating to the latest released version, I cannot log into my account and just play... Last month Was the black screen error and the fact that I'd have to uninstall and reinstall the game various times because it would just not run... This month I got in, the update seems to run, except that once it finally log in I get an "unknown error" pop up on my screen and the game just freezez right after hitting the continue button... The unknown error tells me that it failed to download content, to check my internet setting and try again... And once again, I love how you go around blaming my internet for stuff when my other games work perfectly fine with the internet, ram and the nice 4gb of free space on my phone's memory... Any help or suggestions that you'd like to provide, kabam??? I'm currently in war and my team is stuck waiting on me to remove a node, we won't be able to 100% the map on my BG and we will more likely lose the war thanks to the above problem mentioned... And I'm also on AQ and that BG is getting held back one person because I cannot log in since last night that I decided to download the update for the game... It's insane that I have never been more afraid in my life to hit an update button than when I see one of your game update released versions, unbelievable that every time I hit that update button, I end up letting my whole alliance screwed with an alliance event because of a classic kabam screw up, and then you guys respond to my tickets saying, "don't worry we're investigating into the issue, but we will not be able to let you know the results of such investigations" whatever that is supposed to mean, I just wanna be able to log in and play without having issues every time you guys throw a new update version of your game.


  • Btw, I couldn't even hit the claim button on that egg thing for spring pop up, game just stays frozen and no key in it will respond.
  • Same here, downloaded the update from App Store fine but on opening the game it won’t download the remaining content, please fix this as I’m in an alliance war and quest
  • Same here, I use apple Iphone 7.
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