I am sincerely not trying to start anything, but is there a way to delete my MCoC account?

Like I said, I am not trolling--I merely want to delete my account but I cannot find an option to do so.

You may say, "Hey, if you want to stop playing, just delete the app and you're done." Or something similar.

But the problem is that I have terrible issues with addiction and I always tend to return to playing the game, which ends up making me angry (at myself and at the game). So, forum moderators & fellow players, if there is some obscure way to delete my account that I am not seeing, please let me know.

Thank you


  • I wish I could help you but I don’t see a way :( best you can do is delete and fight against addiction. I used to smoke and I needed to fight against smoke addiction and how did I do? Yeah pretty good. Just needed some ps4 games that keep me focused on it. One example is skyrim, ASsassin’s creed or the Witcher. Get my point?
  • Mail support with the request and they will delete your account.
  • Hey @AMF

    In order to be assisted with account specific information (including deleting your account) you will need to contact our Support Team as the Moderation Team are unable to help with these issues on the forums.

    This article will give you more specific details regarding what information you will need to provide and how you can completely remove your account.
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