Felling bored any plan for new special event rather then monthly?

As i state currently there is no event running so its felling board.act5.2 release some time before and im just waiting for my 5th r5 to take him in ch2.i already complete 5.1 and dont want to go without r5.so now i dont have anything to do in game so can we get any special event quest like bautista, Chloe's,ming na?i completed bautista event my first hard event to do.


  • Yeah please I have just stopped doing monthly quests tbh
  • ADDZZ wrote: »
    Having another r5 won't save you in act 5 chapter 2.

    Unless it's a r5 Visa or MasterCard.

    Lmao would that be a 4* or 5* star rating card :D
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