Summoners, earlier today a notification for a Guardians of the Galaxy gift was delivered to some Summoners. This was done by accident, and we apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

When you hit the last 32k serie in Arena 18 seconds from the end...

And you close your score on 6.453.338.

Barely in for Hyperion.

Man that was frigging insane. I woke up to the madness of cutoffs and when i found him in the stash i wanted to cry. Honestly.
That said, i did go for a last serie just because i was sitting on 19700 battlechips and wanted to open 10 Crystal before napping.

Arena is shortly becoming untorelable. We need more brackets in, without the pool being lowered. There's indeed many ways of doing such (like not factoring in who already has the arena's champ duped, and rewarding him Iso, units, or glory instead, but still counting him as part of the pool), and clearly it works only for older champs. New champs are on a bracket of their own and even being able to pull up to 10m, having to give up 72 hrs of your life is never a good choiche nor fair mechanic.

I, for once, after ranking 101st twice in the past gwenpool arena, got lucky. But my thoughts goes to all who missed it after grinding so hard for him.


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