Compensation for the Issues that we experienced on November 8th and the rewards that were unable to be claimed due to those issues are being sent out via in-game mail on November 15. Alliance War season rewards will be sent out on approximately November 20. Leaving your Alliance prior to this will result in missing out on your season rewards.


Silver 2 and 3 has way better rewards than silver 17kiagq26cwe0.png


  • addressed multiple times during the season that its a visual glitch
  • Nick0609Nick0609 Posts: 62
    oh my b
  • ItsTheBroskiItsTheBroski Posts: 453 ★★
    Yeah it's a visual glitch that occured in the game. If you log back in now you should see that extra T4CC removed and back to normal.
  • shchong2shchong2 Posts: 2,421 ★★★★
    @Nick0609 , No worry, follow this, I think this version is visually sound
    good luck and cheers!

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