Tier 4 / Gold 2 alliance looking for quickly growing players

Greetings from [MKOV], Mystical Knights of the Void.

We're a Tier 4 / Gold 2 alliance looking for 1-2 folks to join the family and help us break into Gold 1 next season. Don't judge us by our prestige - we make up for it in organization, communication, and skill, and we have a ton of fun along the way.

We'll bring in anywhere from 1500-2000 5* shards from Alliance Events and War, making this is a great home for mid-level summoners looking to improve their game and broaden their 5* roster quickly.

What am I looking for? Someone who...
+ Is friendly and communicative via Line
+ Has a 100-200k rating (but this is flexible for the right person)
+ Wants to grow, but is particularly skilled for his/her level (ideally Uncollected)
+ Can hold their own in tough fights, and is able to out-duel a 4/55 with their 2* of choice

DM me or reply with your Line ID and a little about you, and I'll reach out if we're interested.


  • fftusisfftusis Posts: 49
    Hi, was wondering if I am eligible for your alliance?

    +Level 41
    +87k rated roster (main champs include 4* Stark spidey/Iceman, 5* Ghost rider/Angela) Maximum PI at 3900
    + Experienced AQ/AW personnel. Weaker on Map 5, Intermediate at Map 4, Easy at Map 3
    + Heavy Arena Grinder (Always achieve 11-25% on 3star arena)
    + Always looking for an opportunity to improve as player and meet new teammates

    Line and in game name is Fftusis
  • TecknorockaTecknorocka Posts: 35
    I am interested in joining your squad. I am an active player that communicates well and has experience in all levels of the game. I do have a main account so this is my second account i run but that doesn’t affect activity. We can talk more if interested, my line id is violentgrime
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