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What do YOU love most about The Contest?



  • Aspects of an alliance. Playing with friends... Communication to complete quests and events.

    2nd favorite thing is making Kabam jokes during emergency maintenance.
  • Amit2394Amit2394 Posts: 2
    edited April 2018
    Actually this game is cool to me and difficulties are also good as we move forward. But the most intresting part of this game I like is to collect crystals, ranking up. That feeling you know that you are going to get your favorite champ (or not) and ranking up is going to make your favorite champ stronger. That is the thing I like because rest of the part we do is to collect these I mean crystals or champs. Forget to mention you guys are also working good to make it better sometimes and thanks for giving us good playing environment. ☺️😎
  • ZivimonZivimon Posts: 1
    The endorphin rush that comes with randomly pulling an OP champ from a basic crystal. Scary.
  • Tabren10Tabren10 Posts: 17
    What I love the most is the alliances because you make friends and fell good when you help in alliance quest and alliance wars also it is cool and gwenpool is my in game top champion
  • charaderdude2charaderdude2 Posts: 1,530 ★★★
    I love that,After 3 years,We STILL Haven't won the ISO-Sphere
  • GriffoplayGriffoplay Posts: 269
    Gmae is fun and I play it every day. what I love more.... In the last few months, what I most like is the continuouse research of some new features in new champions. Unique meccanics. I love playing Ghost rider and I'm trying to figure out some newly introduced champions.

    On the other side there are really too mutch champions and it is far then easy to find the favored champs to play with. I fear most people can wait for the favored one to pop out of a crystal but the chances are getting lower and lower. I'm playng almost 3 years and I still have to find some old 4* champs (electro and scarlet comes to my mind). Featured crystals was nice if you are looking for a specific champions. I would like to be re-introduced as before and It would be nice to have a featured 4* as well.

    Duels have to be improved in rewards and mechanics. Dorky gives you a nice advice about it. see it there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4Ez0VHDXc4
  • EpistriatusEpistriatus Posts: 1,248 ★★★★
    The next (single player) challenge & exploring LOL. Figuring out a way to get the materials needed to achieve said challenges keeps me going with this game.
  • WhaleMilker07WhaleMilker07 Posts: 6
    The events and new characters. Good to see new characters every month. Iron Spider is a marvel sin. Amadeus Cho won't be happy
  • charaderdude2charaderdude2 Posts: 1,530 ★★★
    The events and new characters. Good to see new characters every month. Iron Spider is a marvel sin. Amadeus Cho won't be happy

    He will be,Just as Totally Awesome Hulk
  • Hrithik_rko17Hrithik_rko17 Posts: 13
    The game is really awesome I love the graphics my teammates are awesome we all respect marvel its rules and build strategies and take down other team in wars it just keeps us occupied and is really fun to play a nice set of characters arenas but the part that I don't like is the game doesn't respects its character cause after the arrival of 4* I havent seen any version of doctor strange I love this character and I request you to plz add him in higher versions plz
  • Rob6Rob6 Posts: 35
    Love the feeling of getting a great champ. Still waiting 4 or 5* SL after two years but got excited when I got a five star AA last month :).
  • HashmiHashmi Posts: 56
    All i can say in This Game never gets Old
  • H3LLSHOW247H3LLSHOW247 Posts: 151
    Well soldier, I love the diversity of Characters being introduced and being re-designed into the MCOC world. I'm a huge fighting gamer meaning that I love to play games like Street Fighter, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Injustice 2, Marvel vs Capcom etc; I think MCOC retains a lot of fun standard and complex fighting game fundamentals that I think is quite impressive for a stand alone mobile fighter. some of the fighting games that I've mentioned have mobile versions that Have quite similar system mechanics to their console version which find to be very impressive, but I definitely would say that MCOC one of the detailed, in-depth mobile fighting games that I've played next to Injustice 2 mobile if not better. I liking how MCOC has grown and progressed so much I just can't wait to see more, thank you ^^
  • H3LLSHOW247H3LLSHOW247 Posts: 151
    Oh one last thing soldier, I hope that you guys can implement my "Infinity Stones" idea in any way shape or form that I posted a while back. I think it would be an amazing addition to MCOC. Thanks guys ^^
  • Snail_McGavinSnail_McGavin Posts: 105
    Have always enjoyed the new monthly event quests along with addition to new characters. What’s kept my attention most are the long term relationships with ally mates. However, having to periodically fill one or two spots for a solid 30, has caused a few good mates to step down. Hope to see smaller ally’s in the future!!
  • StarShadow7StarShadow7 Posts: 15
    Despite my many annoyances, I love the story behind the Main Quest and the Event Quests. I love the way it manages to be dramatic and impactful (I mean that Act V ending!) which is not something you see in mobile games too much. The ability to collect my favourite Marvel characters! And I also love all the little events that take place, like the Grandmaster Gifiting or that 2* Arena that awarded 5* shards (That NEEDS to make comeback!)
  • charaderdude2charaderdude2 Posts: 1,530 ★★★
    I love that,After 3 years,We STILL Haven't won the ISO-Sphere

    Keeps me going to try and get it,lol
  • Id like to see a class specific crystal become available. Of course you can charge more like you do with a featured crystal. Example would be 15000 five star shards or 3000 4 star shards for a crystal that only grants you a skill champion.
  • explorershaneexplorershane Posts: 34
    Other than addiction and obsessive collecting problems, as a designer, I'm here strictly for the artist who does the chalk-cookie character design - can't get enough of it (seriously). MCOC is really the only attractive superhero phone game.
  • ScottLangScottLang Posts: 149
    Honestly i love quite a few things. One is new challenges. The uncollected difficulty was an awesome improvement but do wish that it was still a bit harder when the content is hard it makes it more fuffiling when beaten. Another thing i love is aq cause a big thing that keeps me coming back is the friends ive made within game and i enjoy coming on every day and conversing with them and playing, one thing i would love to see (not sure its doable) would be a map that has all 30 players in it i feel it would be a unique experience. I used to like wars but with all the piloting its gotten more stressfull than anything, still like the rewards. One other thing i would love to see implemented is the ability to change your in game profile image seeing a million blades is just boring.
  • Berserk_NationBerserk_Nation Posts: 223
    Loves of the game:
    • Monthly MODOK Labs on 12 hour cycles
    • Arena for 5* and 6* shards
    edited April 2018
    Something I really like is how Magiks eye color changes when entering Limbo and how GG eyes will glow Red or Green depending on if he has Madness or Cunning charges.
  • IamGROOT420IamGROOT420 Posts: 233
    I love advancing in the contest, the characters, my alliance mates, I love pretty much everything about contest of champions except level 60 is as high as you can go with xp. That needs to be raised because it doesn't take long to get there if you play everyday religiously like I do.
  • Love the characters.

    Hates that it takes a lot of my life to get enough gold.
    You gotta make more Gold Rush now more than ever cuz I’ve been broke for a long time
  • LovingkidLovingkid Posts: 330 ★★
    Whatever i used to love in mcoc i still do but it is overshadowed by the massive hate im feeling towards your recent changes manily AQ and lack of t1a and t2a for end game players.
  • SoulBreaker1229SoulBreaker1229 Posts: 228
    My fav part has to be the way you guys made COC into a strategy game and not just a normal combat one.
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